Can a Company Afford to have Poor Customer Service?

Can a company afford to have poor customer service?

My wife and I recently purchased new furniture from a national retail chain store. We spent over $17,000 at this store. The salespeople were great to deal with. The furniture was reasonably priced. The problems we encountered were with the delivery of the furniture. Partial shipments of what was promised became the norm, with no explanation as to why. A lack of follow-up from the salespeople added to our frustration. This happened several times over the course of two months. We then asked for some manner of compensation for the inconveniences we were put through, but we couldn’t even get the store management to admit to there being an actual problem.

When I could not get satisfaction from the store management, I resorted to social media to make my complaints. Clearly, the company had delivery issues because I was not the first to complain about their lack of customer service.

So I wonder: How successful can a company be in this age of interconnectedness? How successful can a company be that ignores the complaints of customers on social media? And, why would a company allow a known problem to continue with no attempt at making the customer happy?

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