DSB Alumni Event Recap – Cincinnati

Recently I had the privilege of attending the first ever DeVoe School of Business alumni event here at Indiana Wesleyan University, held at the Cincinnati Education Center. I would like to thank Ms. Shelley Webb, Assistant Director of Adjunct Faculty Support, and Ms. Lauren Young, Project Manager, both from the DeVoe School of Business, as well as Ms. Donna Meiser, Manager, CAPS Alumni Relations for Indiana Wesleyan University for all their hard work planning and executing the event.

The day started with a half hour of hi, great to see you, lots of hugs, you look great and what are you up to these days? Followed by a phenomenal speaker, Ms. Cynthia Booth.  Ms. Booth gave comment on the company she owns and the relationship she has with God and Indiana Wesleyan University.

Dean Brown and I also gave remarks and handed out prizes and related useful items of information on the DeVoe School to the attendees.  I am confident all present were excited about the potential and current projects the DeVoe School of Business is undertaking.

I am also confident the Holy Spirit was walking among us that morning.  The atmosphere and excitement were invigorating.  The alumni were charged up and eager to share their accomplishments. The comfort of being at Indiana Wesleyan University, with graduated or graduating scholars, and our most precious Savior is truly a unique and blessed experience.  I hope and pray you get the chance to attend the next one of these events.

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