Entrepreneurial Faith

There’s a poster that shows a beautiful sailboat on a choppy sea.  The caption reads, “A boat in a harbor is safe—but that is not what boats are built for.”  No one can deny the appeal of comfort and safety.  But what were you and I built for?

So why leave the comfort and safety you may have developed over the years?  Why demonstrate “entrepreneurial faith” at this stage in your life?  For one thing, as an entrepreneur, you are free to express your creativity.  God gives each of us a measure of creativity.  It’s one of the human traits that reflect the image of God.  Entrepreneurs can release this creative passion back to God in thanksgiving and service.  We can leave the comfort and safety of the harbor bound for the high seas of God’s service.   We can each beyond our own limits and see God’s provision.  Staying in the harbor requires no touch from God.  We don’t see Him working in amazing ways while we’re tied up at the dock.  No, it’s there beyond the breakwater that we learn to trust Him more and more.

And think of how your entrepreneurial faith will lead you to come to know God’s truth in a wonderful way.  As you struggle to create something from nothing, you look to God’s Word as a source of direction, inspiration, insight and solutions.  You find yourself partnering more closely with the Ultimate Entrepreneur as you seek out His wisdom.  He provides encouragement, strength and hope just when you need it.

So…are you an entrepreneur?  If not, should you be?

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