Hire and Promote the Best

Someone once said that “Love is blind, but hiring shouldn’t be.”  The question is, “Do you and I have the courage to ‘hire and promote the best?’”

There is another truism that applies in this context: “Why is it we never have the time to do something right the first time, but we always seem to have time to do it over?”

How many of us remember at least one time when we have made a rushed selection (hiring or promotion) and lived to regret it? Courageous leaders do not lower their standards to fill a position.  “But how long,” you say, “am I willing to wait for the right person?”  That’s where the courage comes in.

You can be the most dedicated, conscientious leader on the planet with excellent management and leadership skills—but if you don’t have the right people on your team, you will not produce the results you and your organization want and need.

Let’s assume you have a critical position to fill in your organization or a critical promotion decision to make. But to your chagrin, you have found no qualified candidates to date.  What can you do?  Your choices include:

  1. Leave the position unfilled.
  2. Select someone to fill the position who is not qualified.

There will be pain if you choose #1. And you will most likely pay dearly later if you choose #2.  Here’s the tradeoff: the more effort you put into hiring and promoting the best people, the less effort you will need to manage the performance of these people.

So where do you want to put your effort?

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