I Have Questions—All the Time

Throughout my day, I have questions. Some are big questions. Some are small questions. The big ones are usually philosophical or about religion.  The small ones relate more to daily life and things that happen in business, or are in reaction to social media.

Google makes short work of the smaller questions, like: “How many children does Angelina Jolie have now?” Or, “How do I smoke baby back ribs?” Or, “What goes into a change request for a business project document?”

The larger questions take some research. They are questions like: “Were there people on earth other than Adam and Eve in the beginning?”  Or, “Was Jesus an only child?”  There are scholars of the Bible that have theories and propose ideas on these questions, but I find the search more compelling than the goal.  By researching such questions, I find a creative outlet for my mind and can focus on a single stream of thought for a while.  It is both diverting and challenging, since I may not find the answers I seek.  Yet, when looking, I always seem to come up with some new information.  For example, I may come across something that informs my relationship with my Lord.  Through the use of the Internet, Bible software, books on philosophy, and reading of various study Bibles, new insight is gained.  To widen and ground my inquiry, I aim for context through a number of sources: maps of the time period, biographies of key people, inquiry of my pastor or reflection on Sunday School comments.  I also interact with my findings by coming up with side questions that relate to the main theme.

In another example, when writing my dissertation, a literature review was performed. A literature review takes a look at scholarly and non-scholarly works that others have published on the subject.  There is an openness to the process because it is always good to know what the controversial aspects to the question are and what has been written to-date.

Lifelong learning comes from asking questions. Curiosity does not end when you are no longer in school.

Be curious. Ask questions.

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