Passion to Dream, Capacity to Lead

All leadership relates to ministry. There is a false dichotomy that causes people to believe that business leaders should be different from ministry leaders. But from a biblical perspective, there is no distinction between the sacred and the secular. Rather, we are to view life holistically. This is the only way we can live an integrated life, where our beliefs and our behaviors align and every area of life is brought under the lordship of Christ.

~ Kenneth Boa, 2015, para. 50

Recently, the DeVoe School of Business held their second alumni event.  The alumni activities took place at the Indianapolis North Education Center.  The event was a big success!  Alumni present represented a wide spectrum of degrees as well as a span of 17 graduation years—ranging from 1999 to 2016.  The keynote speaker, also an alumna of Indiana Wesleyan University, was Ms. Thresette Briggs (’99), who is an accomplished business professional with over 20 years of senior and organizational leadership expertise.[1]  Ms. Briggs addressed the theme of the event: Passion to Dream, Capacity to Lead, by drawing upon her personal and family relationships with individuals who have fulfilled their dreams and in the process demonstrated a capacity to lead others.  Those in attendance were encouraged to ask themselves two questions:

  1. How do I keep my passion alive and encourage others to dream?
  1. Do I have the capacity to develop other leaders? (Briggs, 2016)

Ms. Briggs (2016) explained the difference between passion and a dream:  A “dream is a goal we want to achieve.  Passion gives us the fuel to achieve the dream.”  She shared that passion is fueled by “connecting our hearts to experiences, people, places and things” which provide sustenance for our dream attainment.  We encourage one another to dream by vicariously studying the lives of others, being a role model, and through heart connections.  Ms. Briggs next identified the underlying reality for how to gain the capacity to lead, asserting that “capacity is from the Word of God. Without it no other leadership development works. The Word of God gives me [and you] the capacity to increase leadership in [ourselves and] others…”  She closed her address with two challenges:

“Find what fuels your passion to dream AND find what increases your capacity to lead.”    ~ Thresette Briggs

Following the keynote address, alumni were engaged by other speakers and informed by alumni relations about a new program that will be forthcoming.  In January, a student mentoring pilot will be launched in cooperation with the DeVoe School of Business and the Regional Education Centers.  The student mentoring pilot study will match alumni to student cohorts to support the students during their academic journey at Indiana Wesleyan University.  Also, an alumni reception for the DeVoe School of Business graduates will be held after the graduation ceremony in December 2016, allowing for a meet and greet between faculty and fellow alumni.  Both activities were positively received by all who were in attendance.

What a thrill it was to see the great turnout and positive receptivity at the DSB event. As the partnership with the alumni grows, the DeVoe School of Business grows; what a great relationship.  I look forward to seeing more alumni at these events in the future.

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Briggs, T (2016). “Passion to Dream….Capacity to Lead.” DeVoe School of Business Alumni Event, Indiana Wesleyan University, 01 October 2016, Indiana Wesleyan University North Campus, Indianapolis, IN. Keynote Address.

[1] Ms. Briggs presently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association for Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Indianapolis Chapter, Women for Change Coaching Community and the Indiana Wesleyan University Alumni Association Advisory Board.  She own Performance 3, LLC, a leadership and professional development firm and WBE that helps global talent achieve high-performance cultures through coaching, training and speaking strategies. She now serves as adjunct faculty for the DeVoe School of Business as well.

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